Finding Influencers and Building Lists

Now that you have an amazing Business Page ready to go, we’re going to start looking for influencers. If you are still working on building a high-quality business page, we recommend reading this article

With you have the most powerful influencer search engine available. The search engine covers over 125,000 registered influencers who have provided extensive data, rate cards, media kits, and more.  In addition to the influencers,  we have another 10M social media profiles included in our dataset. Use this search functionality mixed with our List functionality to start building a target set of influencers.

Lists let you organize influencers however you want. You can create a list of potential influencers for your campaign, track influencers who have worked for your competitor, sort influencers into different geographies (Europe vs US) or group them by follower count. Lists can also be copied and shared with your colleagues and you can communicate to multiple influencers at once by using a list. 

You have a number of ways to find influencers using the search tool. The simplest place to start is to search by category. Type in a category that matches your brand such as “Fashion” or “Pets” or “Soccer”. If you’re focused on one location then enter that as well (same for follower count range). Don’t worry about getting it perfect as you can refine your search at any time. You’ll get back a list of influencers ranked by our algorithm. You can click through to any profile and if they pique your interest, save them to a list using the 'Save to List' button in the dropdown menu underneath the bio. There is no limit to how many lists you can save an influencer to or how many influencers you can put on a list.

You can also search for influencers by the brands they have promoted. Use the Collaborations search to do this. Type in the Instagram username of a company you think might use the same influencers like you. Perhaps you are a swimwear brand? You could type in @bondeyeswim. If you’re a Pet brand then perhaps @petco. You’ll see all the content that our members have added and tagged on Instagram with that brand. We require our members to have tagged the content on Instagram in the post caption so we know it’s an authentic and public post for this brand. Collaborations search can be a very quick way to find influencers for your campaign.

Try one for @happysockofficial or one of our favorites @influenceco.