Setting up Your Business Page

The first step in running a campaign is to set up your Business Page. To set up a Business Page, make sure you have created an account on associated with the Instagram account for your business or brand.

Business Pages serve a number of purposes. First, and most importantly, they provide your business with an important measure of credibility when reaching out to influencers. As soon as influencers receive an inquiry they want  to learn about the company contacting them. It’s important to consider that even micro-influencers receive many offers to work with them every week. 

Influencers want a simple way to cut through the clutter and see that businesses making offers are legitimate companies with quality products, have good photography and aesthetics and in some cases, previous influencer relationships. The Business Page is designed to quickly provide them with access to this information so they can decide if they are interested in collaborating with your brand. 

Your Business Page shows the basics of your company, your products, and the previous influencers you have worked with. It's important to put time into your Business Page to make it look professional; think of it like your brand’s resume. A high-quality background image, a well-written bio about your products and company, and a list of all the social channels an influencer can find you on will all quickly assure an influencer that you’re a quality company to work with. 

A good influencer is going to ask themselves if they would be willing to promote your products knowing their audience will go and look at your Instagram profile, website and other social channels. They are in essence doing the primary research to validate how high quality an experience they are recommending to their followers.

The second use of a Business Page is as a recruiting tool. With you can set up a campaign and open it up to influencers to apply to work with you. This will cut a lot of time and effort out of the process of getting influencers for your campaign. To learn more about how to create a campaign and get influencer applications go to this article.