Getting Familiar with Message Attachments

Seamless communication between influencers and businesses is the key to success. Having a clear understanding of the campaign and the ability to send content in one place can change the experience of managing a collaboration. We know how important this is to our users, that’s why we improved the experience of using our in-app messaging tool.

Using Message Attachments, you now have the ability to upload documents such as PDFs, Word Docs, and common image types. A list of shared attachments will be visible in the right-hand rail of every conversation you have making it easy to view all related documents to that conversation. This is great for reviewing contracts and approval of content before posting.

Note that when receiving an attachment you have the ability to preview, download or block the attachment. When you block an attachment you also block any future messaging with that user. Please keep in mind that does not check attached files for viruses or questionable content.

Here’s a list of things you can now attach using this new feature:

  • Your media kit
  • Examples of content you’ve created
  • Screenshot of your insights
  • Content for approval
  • Invoices 

This feature is available for both free and PRO influencers, because providing our users with the tools to successfully collaborate is our top priority.