Understanding Waitlists

We have found that campaigns getting a lot of applications benefit from having a check-in with our Customer Success team. This in no way indicates that the business is a bad actor. We only do these when businesses have received more than 10 inbound applications from influencers. Starting today, once a business receives 10 applications to a campaign, their campaign will be put on hold and influencers will be able to add themselves to a waitlist.

When a campaign is on hold, influencers can add themselves to that campaign’s waitlist. By adding themselves to the waitlist, they’ll be in the loop on any updates.

During your Customer Success check-in we’ll review the options available to each business in order to have the hold removed. Once the hold is removed, the business will receive a list of influencers on the waitlist, and the influencers will be notified via email that they can now apply.