Applying to Brands

You know that having a profile with means a public, professional presence for you as an influencer. You should also know that your membership grants you the ability to apply directly to brands for collaboration and sponsored post opportunities. The best influencers know the secret to success is reaching out directly to brands. 

You can view their pages to see if you are a good fit before applying. See who they have previously worked with, how they position their products and services and craft a pitch that is well informed and more likely to be responded to. 

Your outreach message should be concise and useful with all the relevant information about you. We recommend including your handle, followers, engagement rate, a link to your media kit, and a reason why you’d like to work with them. 

Here is an example: 

“Hi, Acme Swimwear Company. My name is Natasha and I have been eyeing (and loving) your swimsuits. I think my Instagram account (68K followers, 4.3% engagement rate) would be a great fit to collaborate with you given our similar aesthetic and my audience which is primarily young females. You can take a look at some of the collaborations I have done before at I look forward to hearing from you. You can reach me here or at my email [email protected].” 

When reaching out to brands, make sure you send 5-10 applications. You likely won’t hear back from every application you send, brands receive dozens if not hundreds of applications a day. Keep sending inquiries and applications until you get responses and see what their feedback is and then adjust as needed. 

Selling is not easy, especially if it's yourself. Don’t take no’s or lack of response personally - it’s not!