Campaign Briefs

Once you are ready to look for brand collaborations, you can browse the 100s of campaigns available on

Most businesses will create something called a campaign brief for their influencer marketing campaign. Campaign briefs should describe everything you need to know about a campaign to figure out if you (and your audience) is a good fit for the campaign, what is expected, and what you’ll get in return.

Our one piece of advice for the campaign brief: READ IT. Nothing is more frustrating to a business than taking the time to write a campaign brief and then having the influencer ignore what is written in it. If the brief asks you to submit something in your application, please submit it. If the campaign brief is unclear, ask the brand for clarification before submitting your application. You can send them a message or comment on the campaign itself.

  • Campaign Overview - this should tell you about the campaign, what company, product or service it is for.
  • Campaign Goals - this should tell you what the business is hoping to get from working with you. This could range anywhere from brand exposure to businesses that are very focused on getting sales on Amazon or their website.
  • Applicant Criteria - this will tell you who the brand is looking for. What gender, location, audience demographics, and type of influencer is the right fit.
  • Influencer Requirements - this should tell you exactly what types and how many posts are needed from each influencer and sometimes the look and feel that the campaign is going for.
  • Time frame - this should tell you the general calendar of the campaign such as when content needs to be created.
  • Payment - this should explain how the influencer will be paid from the campaign.

You can tell a lot from reading a campaign brief. If the campaign brief is very specific and clear about what is desired and what the influencer will receive, it is likely the author is familiar with influencer marketing. If the campaign brief is vague and incomplete you may want to ask the business a number of questions before raising your hand to participate. From our experience, the vast majority of disagreements in influencer marketing come from both parties being unclear about exactly what is desired and what is being agreed on.