Finding Brands

There are two main reasons to find brands on to check if they have a campaign you can apply to right now and to follow them so you don’t miss an announcement about a campaign they have in the future. Keep in mind you can follow brands that have not claimed a profile on yet and you’ll be notified when they do. There are a host of other reasons to find and follow brands as well (to see all the members who have posted about that brand, to see the content that has been added as branded content about that brand, etc..) but we’ll focus here on how to find them.

  • Simple Search (by username) - the simplest way to find a brand is to search by its name in the header search bar. This search will help you find a brand by their Instagram name or by a name they might have used on (these two can differ sometimes).
  • Username Search - you can use username search to search brands by partial usernames including their company name. This should return a more complete set of results than a simple search. You can also lookup brands you might want to work with by what’s in their name. For example, if you’re into shoes you could find brands like “@shoedazzle”.
  • Brand Search - you can search brands by location and category. Brand categorize themselves so you might want to try a few different categories (e.g. “watches” and “accessories”). 
  • Campaigns Page - you can see all the brands that have posted campaigns on the campaigns page.
  • Suggested Profiles - we have listed some of the most popular and active brands on the suggested profiles page.
  • Member Profiles - as you look through member profiles you can see all sorts of brands they have worked with and posted content about.

We recommend you spend some time trying all the ways to find brands and follow as many interesting brands along the way. Nothing is more fun than seeing a notification email appear one day for a brand you’ve always wanted to work with and followed on the platform and now they are running a new campaign.