Following Other Members

Your feed is composed of content from members you follow and supplemented with content suggested by our community team. The more relevant members you follow the more relevant your feed becomes. There are many ways to find and follow members.

  • Suggested Profiles - On the feed page (home button) we constantly suggest new profiles for you to follow. These suggestions include both brands and influencers that might be relevant to you. 
  • Business Community Members - If you go to a business page on, you can see all the members who have featured content about that business. This is a great way to find other influencers who are interested in similar brands like you.
  • Searching - You can use all our search tools to find influencers in your category, influencers near you, by name, or by who they have worked with.
  • Through the Feed - every time you see content on the platform we’ll tell you who engaged with it. It's a simple way to discover more members whose content you might love.
  • Who’s Following You - By clicking on the Network menu you can see who is following you on the platform. You can click directly from this page to follow them back.
  • Who’s Viewed You - By looking at Who’s Viewed You menu you can find interesting brands and influencers to follow who are already interested in your profile.