The Feed

One of the central parts of the community is the feed. You can get to the feed at any time by clicking the home icon. The feed will show you a combination of content from members you are following on and content suggested to you by our community team. The feed is comprised of the following types of content:

  • Branded Content - when someone you follow adds branded content to their profile, it’ll appear in your feed so you can see the collaborations your friends and favorite influencers are doing.
  • Campaigns - when a brand you follow launches a new campaign, you’ll see it in your feed. Also, from time to time you’ll see certain campaigns highlighted in the feed. We love to show off great campaigns in the community.
  • Applications to Campaigns - when people you follow apply to campaigns, they can optionally elect to share that they applied to a campaign with their followers. This is a great way to find campaigns that other members think are worth applying to. If you see an influencer in your category and like their work, it's best to follow them for these updates alone.
  • New Members - when someone you are following joins the platform, you’ll see this in your feed. This is valuable when brands you want to work with join the platform.
  • Press and YouTube videos - when members you are following add press links or YouTube videos to their profiles, you’ll see these in the feed so you can keep up with their professional advancements.
  • Questions - when members you are following ask questions, you’ll see them in your feed.
  • Top Questions - when members like and comment on other posts in the community, we’ll let you know in case you want to join the conversation.
  • Articles - when our media team posts articles we will drop those into your feed as well.

As a convenience, when you join, we find everyone you’ve mentioned on Instagram that has an account on and automatically add them to your follower network so you don’t have to do the work. This usually ensures that some of your influencer and brand friends who are already on the platform end up in your feed. Over time, as you follow more members, your feed will become a critical daily pulse of what’s going on in the influencer marketing world.