Branded Content

Every profession has some unit of work that goes on a resume. Traditional resumes like those on LinkedIn list companies you’ve worked for, your title and the dates you worked there. That is accompanied by a brief description of the work you did. 

Work as an influencer and creator is more like a graphic designer or artist. Each time you do a collaboration, the final work product is the post you put up and the statistics from that post (how many likes and comments it got). Much like a graphic designer or artist, you don’t have to be paid to create content to show off your skills and styles. The good news is all this content lives publicly on your social profiles. The bad news is it's mixed into all your other day to day posts. What you really want is a collection of your best brand content (paid for or not) all pulled into one location. This portfolio of work is what the profile helps you create. 

When a business is looking at your profile, not only can they scan who you have worked with, they can see the way you present brands to your audience (based on the aesthetics in your photos) as well as how much engagement those brand posts get from your audience. This saves brands having to open your Instagram, scroll through photos, open captions to see if you mentioned a brand, etc… It could take 20 minutes to figure out all the branded posts and collaboration information on an influencer’s Instagram feed. Your profile can display in 5 seconds.

So the first step is to put your best brand content from all your social profiles on We make it very easy to search through your socials for brand content or just drop a specific URL in place and have us do the work to figure out who it’s about. It should take you no more than 5 or 10 minutes to build your featured post portfolio. If you’ve posted branded content on more than one social network you can add content from all those networks. You can only post content where you have tagged a brand. We want to ensure your profile shows branded content and not just your latest pics at the beach.

We like to think of as the last step in the process of a collaboration. Once the content is created and posted to your socials, you get to come to and update your profile and showcase that work to the community. 

It's important to understand that every time you add branded content to your profile it goes to a number of other important places on the platform as well. 

  1. First, it goes into your activity stream which means it’ll show up in the feed of all your followers on We think adding new branded content to your profile should be a little bit of a bragging moment when you’re done with your content or collaboration. You’ve worked really hard on creating great content for a brand, you should share it with your peers on and get their feedback. Perhaps they will give you props or even get inspired by your creativity. A great idea, camera shot, or edit might just give someone else the inspiration they need to make their best post ever next time.
  2. Second, your branded content goes into the community content section of the business page for the business you featured. If they are a member on, this will appear with all other influencer posts about the brand. This is a great way to give props back to the business as a way to acknowledge you worked with them. If the business has not claimed a page on yet, your branded content will appear on the page we create for every unclaimed brand that is mentioned on In both cases, this is a great way to get exposure to new brands that are looking for influencers. One of the most common ways that new businesses find influencers to work with is to look at who has posted about other businesses they know, admire, or think are similar to theirs. If a business is looking to launch a home design line, they might go looking for influencers who have posted about @westelm as a starting point.
  3. Third, you will appear in Collaboration search results. Collaboration searches find all members and branded content in the community who have posted about any Instagram user. You should use this search yourself to find influencers and content related to brands you want to work with.

In general, we recommend adding new branded content to your profile anytime you publish it to your social feed. Think of it as a cherry on top of all the work and a way to get kudos from your peers.

Every day we feature some of the best branded content to our community and from time to time we put the most amazing content on our homepage which can give you significant exposure. We give preference to recently added content where possible.