Writing a Great Bio

Your influence.co bio is a bit different than your Instagram or TikTok bio. This is a place for you to describe your professional background for prospective brands who are thinking about working with you. We think the strongest bios on influence.co contain the following information:

  • A brief background - How did you get into being an influencer and what are you categories are you passionate about?
  • Your content - What type of content do you like to create, for who, and why?
  • Your audience - Who you are trying to reach with your content?
  • Desired collaboration partners - The types of brands you (and your audience) are looking to work with and why.

Bios that are 100-250 words tend to do the best. Feel free to include emojis, hashtags and anything else that is you. Don’t forget to put all the keywords into your bio that a brand might search on.