Your Digital Media Kit

The most basic tool any influencer needs in their toolbelt is a digital media kit. Whether you have 2,000 followers or 2,000,000 followers, a digital media kit shows that you’re a serious and professional influencer. A digital media kit says who you are, who your audience is, and who you’ve worked with before. Until, influencers were making media kits in Powerpoint or PDF and many times they had to pay designers to do this for them. profiles solve this problem. Not only are they free, but you can also connect to all your social networks so we can keep your stats and data fresh and up to date on a daily basis. On top of that, you can pick your best brand-oriented content as well as identify who you’ve worked for in the past. We designed your profile to be highly visual, extremely useful to brands, and easily shared - somewhat like a LinkedIn profile but designed specifically with creators and influencers in mind.