Getting Started with

You may be wondering, what exactly is and how will it benefit me as an influencer? We started because we wanted to create a platform to help influencers and creators build sustainable careers out of their passion.

The first product we created was a dynamic digital media kit. This is your profile on, and it’s still a critical part of our platform. You’ll find that it has huge value both on and off the platform as a dynamically updating resume of your work as an influencer. 

The core of a profile, and to some extent the core of is what we call branded content. Branded content is a post you have already shared on your social media account that highlight a brand. This could be the result of a paid collaboration you have done or simply content you created about your favorite brand to share with your audience. Branded content is used through in many ways. Brands look at this to see the work you might do for them and influencers share it to inspire each other with different types of content they can create. Spend some time adding the best branded content to your profile as early as possible. It’ll change your whole experience.

Once we built rich profiles, we introduced the ability for businesses to create their own profiles and to list campaign briefs. Campaign briefs explain the details of influencer marketing projects these businesses have. You can look through these briefs and businesses and find your next (or first!) collaboration. Business pages are a great place to learn about a business and to see all the influencers on the platform that have branded content about that business. You can also see all the content members have created for a brand which gives you a ton of insight into the different ways a brand can be presented.

We then heard from our members that they wanted to find and connect with other influencers going through the same journey as they were. To do this, we created the ability to follow other influencers, businesses and professionals on This lets you keep up to date with the campaigns being offered and the collaborations influencers are working on. Similarly, as influencers follow you, you can post about the work you are doing and it will be automatically shared with them. 

We also know that influencers have tons of questions about the job. We built a system to let anyone ask and answer questions to harness the knowledge of the community. There is no better place to learn about being an influencer than from everyone else who is doing it.

Finally, we sew all of this into one dynamically updating overview of the platform that is custom-tailored to you based on who you’re following, working with and reading about. This view will keep you up to date on new campaigns, the results of your friends’ collaborations, new stories you should read, questions you might be able to answer and much more.  

We hope you love the community as much as we love building it. Nothing would make us happier than to know you stop by every day as part of your regular habit of being a professional influencer.