How-to Establish a Collaboration Cadence

Once you get your first collaboration, you’ll likely be so excited that you’ll want to reach out to tons of businesses to see if they want to work with you too. As the offers start to come in, you’ll find yourself asking how often you should post collaboration content on your feed. There is not a hard and fast rule to this, but in general influencers will say about 10-20% of your content can be collaboration content before your audience starts to push back on you. 

Keep in mind this will vary hugely based on the relevance of your collaborations and the value being created from them. There is also a lot of leeway to do branded content in your stories more often and, depending on the category of influence you have, your audience might want brand-based content from you daily. Makeup influencers are a great example of influencers who post 80% brand content. 

The absolute best influencers turn every collaboration into something valuable for their audience. This might be educational content around a product, a giveaway you do with the brand, discount codes or even a live Q&A you can do about your experience with the product. A lot of times your audience wants you to talk about products and services that you find valuable as they use it as a way to discover incredible products for themselves too. Just always keep the content as authentic as possible.