How-to Market Yourself

The dirty secret of the influencer industry is those who market themselves are the ones that do the best. Many influencers will wait for people to DM them on Instagram or join an influencer platform and wait for brands to contact them. While you may see some inbound interest this way, with so many other influencers competing for brand attention, you might find yourself waiting quite a while before seeing any opportunities. The first step in promoting yourself is simply to make sure businesses know you want to work with them. To do this, simply share your link in as many public places as possible. Here are some examples of how to promote yourself and increase your inbound interest. 

  • Instagram bio link - make your profile your bio link so people searching Instagram for influencers can quickly assess what your experience is and rates are. 
  • Social networks - don't forget to put your profile in all your other social network bios such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. You never know where brands will find you. 
  • Linktree - many influencers use this product to help direct interested parties to the places to find them. Many members put as a link in Linktree to make sure brands interested to work with them can contact them on the platform.
  • Email footer - put your profile link in the footer of your email. Every time you communicate with someone you’re sharing your resume with them. If you don't have an email footer already, it's the easiest way to promote yourself passively all day long! 
  • Embed cards and badges - every profile comes with a dynamic embed card that you can put on your blog. Many influencers put this in the sidebar of their blog or on their "About" page. It’s part of the basic free subscription and takes only a minute to install on most blog platforms like WordPress. We also offer a download of all our logos so you can add them to the header and footer of your blogs.