Changing your account type accounts have three account types: Influencer, Business, and Personal.

Influencer: If you're looking to find businesses to work with you to get the word out to your audience, you're an influencer.

Business: If you sell products or services and you want to find influencers to work with, with you're a business.

Personal: If you don't quite fit into either of the other buckets, you're a personal account. You can still participate in the community, message people, and use our other features like search and lists.

If you are a personal or an influencer, you can change your account type by going to your Edit Profile page (click Avatar > Edit Profile) and scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page:Note: Businesses and PRO members cannot change their account type. If you accidentally selected business or are a PRO user and you need to change your account type, please email support.