How To Get Started as a Business on

Live webinar hosted on Wednesdays at 1PM ET

Getting started with influencer marketing can be overwhelming. With a community of over 200k influencers actively using the platform we believe it is a top priority to provide each business with the tools they need to start collaborating with influencers.

Learn how to take your business to the next level. Join Annemarie Holbrook @annieholbrook our Customer Success Manager, as she navigates through the business side of the platform. Learn all the steps needed to complete your profile, create a great campaign, and engage with this amazing community of influencers.

Register for the LIVE webinar here and learn more about:

  • Why Influencer Marketing is Important
  • How to Utilize for your Influencer Marketing Needs
  • Where to Begin on
  • Influencer Marketing Best Practices
  • Managing Influencer Marketing at Scale

Already attended our webinar? Access the slides here and use it as a reference.