Campaign Invitations and Application Limits

With just one click businesses can invite an influencer to any of their live campaigns. If a business doesn't have a live campaign, they will be prompted to create one. We ask that businesses write a short note to the influencer on why they’re excited to work with them, and we’ll take care of the rest by automatically adding the link to the selected campaign at the bottom of the message.

We’re thrilled to offer businesses the ability to be part of a community, stay up to date with the latest news around influencer/creator culture, and run influencer marketing campaigns for free. However, depending on the scale a business is aiming to achieve, our free product might not be the best fit.

For our non-PRO, free business members: 

Each time you invite an influencer to a campaign it will count toward your monthly conversation limit. The good news is that even if you’ve hit your monthly campaign application limit of 10 applicants, you will not be prohibited from inviting additional influencers to apply to your campaign. They simply won’t be able to apply to your campaign proactively. If you think you already need more volume than this, please schedule some time to chat with a member of our team. 

We have found that campaigns getting a lot of applications benefit from having a check-in with our Customer Success team. Once you receive 10 applications to a campaign, your campaign will be put on hold and influencers will be able to add themselves to a waitlist.

During your Customer Success check-in we’ll review the options available to you to have the hold removed. Once the hold is removed, you'll receive a list of influencers on the waitlist, and the influencers will be notified that they can now apply.