Campaign Wrap-Up Checklist

Once everyone has posted for your campaign, your work is not quite over. Here is a quick post-campaign checklist:

  • Pay your influencers - probably the most important step to ensure you create long term relationships with your influencers is to pay them on time!
  • Run a final report - make sure you run a final report from your list of campaign influencers and share it with your co-workers.
  • Add influencers to your Business Page - add the influencers who have posted for you to your Business Page. It will provide you with more credibility in the future for your next influencer marketing campaign.
  • Ask influencers to list you on their profile - send an email to all campaign influencers asking them to highlight one of their posts on your campaign and put it on their page. You can also ask to be listed in the Who I’ve Worked With section.  This goes a long way toward establishing credibility for your brand and allows more people to hear about your company and products.
  • Archive Your Campaign - remove your campaign from your campaign page by archiving it. Archiving will not delete your lists or reports, it will simply remove the campaign section from your Business Page which is appropriate after you’re done running your campaign (and not recruiting influencers anymore). You can always create a new campaign where you’re ready.

Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and marvel at the amazing campaign you ran on Oh, and then tell ten (or all) of your friends about us!