Using Reporting to Track Progress

Once you have worked with your influencers and they are ready to post, you may think your work is done. In fact, posting day can be one of the most stressful. Many influencers will write to you at the last minute looking for feedback or in some cases extensions. Past the normal drama of any deadline, the biggest time suck on posting day is simply finding out who has posted. Luckily we have a built-in feature for this.

If you have added all your campaign influencers to a list you can simply run a report and scan all their Instagram accounts for posts with your handle or hashtag. Use this report to:

  • See who has posted
  • See who has NOT posted (so you can contact them and remind them it’s posting day)
  • See all the posts that have been made
  • Tabulate all metrics across posts

Furthermore, these list reports can be shared with your co-workers to show off the amazing work you and your influencer team have done.