Promoting Your Campaign

Once your campaign is live you will want to drive as many influencers to it as possible. You can do this in several ways. First, the more complete your Business Page, the higher it will rank in our businesses search and the more likely influencers will be able to find you. Second, you can start to email influencers from the lists you’ve built. Don’t forget to encourage them in your email to go to your Business Page and apply directly to your campaign if they are interested. You can also use the following techniques to drive potential influencers to your Business Page:

  • Instagram Bio URL: A lot of influencers and businesses use their profile link as their Instagram bio link so influencers can click through to it easily. We also have many users who add us to the Linktree pages! This drives a lot of people to your page, many of which will be influencers looking to work with you.
  • Instagram Posting: You can post on Instagram that you’re looking for influencers and put your link in the caption.
  • Instagram DM: A lot of people still prefer to DM influencers on Instagram. You can include your link in your DM message so you can avoid lengthy DM conversations.
  • Email Signature: You can put your link in the signature of your email. This way you’ll always be passively recruiting influencers.
  • Agency Outreach: Many businesses will reach out to agencies on the platform or through their websites directly. Your profile is a very easy way to convey what you’re looking for.
  • Company Website: Many companies actually have links to their page on their website. Some even use us as the destination for their referral page.