Creating a Campaign Brief

A campaign brief is a one-pager that lists all the information about a campaign. Many influencers will ask for this. Even if they don’t, it’s an important document to create for yourself during the processes of thinking about your campaign.  

You’ll want to write your brief at the time you’re creating the campaign. Here are the questions you should answer to ensure influencers know everything they need to in order to apply and work with you! 

  • Description of the product: 
  • Aim of the Campaign: 
  • Website URL: 
  •  What type of influencer are you looking for? (Lifestyle, Beauty, Health etc.) 
  • What exactly is the influencer required to do? 
  • How many posts are required? 
  • What social channel do you want to use?  (Instagram, Blog, Stories, Video etc.) 
  • What look/feel/style of post are you looking for? (Informative, Fun, Sexy etc.) 
  • Describe the compensation in detail: