Ranking in Search

The easiest way to get more brand collaborations is to rank more highly in our search results. We do not publish the exact algorithm we use to sort our rankings but it consists of the following weights.

  • Do you have a complete profile - A complete profile to use includes a bio, location, gender, age and 3 or more featured posts.
  • Do you have recent branded content - Have you updated your profile with new branded content recently. This is a significant contributor to search results rankings as we want the most recent brand mentions you have done on your profile.
  • Do you have a post rate listed - Search favors profiles with rates listed.
  • Do you have audience demographics - Search favors profiles with audience demographics.
  • What is your engagement rate - Higher engagement rates for your general follower count range will result in higher search rankings.
  • Are you an active member - Do you like and comment on questions and featured posts in the community.
  • Does the community like your content - Do community members like and comment on your featured posts.

To increase your ranking in search results you can adjust one or more of the attributes above. We update our algorithm scores regularly so you should expect to see changes in your ranking.