Understanding Your Profile

Your influence.co profile should house everything that a brand needs to know about who you are, your audience, and the type of branded content you create. Here are the following sections of your profile:

  • BIO - A short bio. We recommend you include where you are from, and what you’re passionate about. One of the ways that brands can find you is by searching on keywords in your bio so we recommend including any certifications or industry-specific keywords that someone might look for. For example, if you are a fitness trainer who is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine we recommend you include NASM in your bio.
  • SOCIAL INFLUENCE - A list of all your social media platforms and their reach. Some platforms we let you connect to directly so we can pull your data such as reach and audience demographics. Some social networks, we simply let you add a URL to ensure brands and other influencers know where to find you on that platform.
  • ENGAGEMENT RATE - Your current engagement rate on Instagram (we calculate this for you)
  • BRANDED CONTENT - These are examples of branded content you have posted to your social profiles. This helps businesses quickly see who you’ve worked with or how you present brands to your audience. Branded content is core to the influence.co community so we’ll talk more about it in a bit.
  • WHO YOU’VE WORKED WITH - You can list different companies or people in the industry that you have worked with. Many influencers list photographers they have worked with or agencies they have interacted with who are running influencer marketing campaigns.
  • RATES - Your current minimum rate per post. Don’t worry, you can negotiate any rate you want with each brand you interact with.

Building your profile with influence.co takes about 5 minutes and can be shared in a variety of ways with your claimed and branded link. The good news is if you already have a media kit in PDF or PPT format, you can upload that to your influence.co profile as well. 

Put time and effort into making your profile complete and show off your best work. When brands approach you, or even more importantly - when you approach brands, having a digital media kit to send them makes you stand out above the rest. They will appreciate being able to quickly assess if you’re the right style, size, and rate fit for them.