How-to Take the First Step

The beauty of social media is that you don’t need permission from anyone or any business to mention them. Many influencers got their start by creating amazing content about brands they were not even working for yet. By creating and posting content on your socials you’ll be able to show potential businesses how you can create content for them and how your audience will react to it. If you post an amazing picture about your favorite new hair care product and your comments are full of questions about where someone can buy the product, that’s an incredible post to show to prospective brands you want to work with. 

Creating amazing content about businesses right now. You’ll quickly learn what your audience likes and what they don’t. Don’t forget an easy way to test content is to use Instagram or Snap stories. 

Try a few different types of content in your stories and take a look at how they perform in terms of views and clicks through to tagged brands. Over time you’ll get a picture of what works best and can use this information to reach out to relevant brands.