How-to Create a Digital Media Kit

The most basic tool any influencer needs in their tool belt is a digital media kit. Whether you have 2000 followers or 2M, digital media kits show that you’re serious and professional. Most digital media kits have the following information: 

  • ABOUT YOU - A short bio, where you are from, and what you’re passionate about 
  • SOCIAL REACH - A list of all your social media platforms and your followers/reach 
  • ENGAGEMENT RATE - Your current engagement rate 
  • PREVIOUS COLLABORATIONS - Examples of brands you have worked with and sample photography from those campaigns 
  • AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS - If available, demographic data on gender, age, and location of your audience. Most influencers take this from Instagram (if they use a business account) or Google Analytics. 
  • RATE CARD - Your current rate per post or prices across your social networks 

Traditionally, digital media kits have been produced in Powerpoint or Google Slides and saved to a PDF or PPT so they could be emailed around. Because aesthetics are so important, influencers usually have designers build these and they can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to produce. 

Many people hire someone to create a digital media kit in Powerpoint or Keynote. You can find many digital media kits on as examples. The challenge with media kits is the minute after you create them, they will be out of date. Don’t worry though - the basic profile offering on can serve just fine as a beautiful and up to date digital media kit. 

Regardless of the format you use, it's worth putting time and effort into making a complete digital media kit. Show off your best work. When brands approach you, or even more importantly - when you approach brands - having a digital media kit to send them will make you stand out above the rest.