How-to Write a Headline for Yourself

Every business needs a one-line explanation of what it does. This is as much for their customers to understand what they do as for themselves to keep true to their mission. It's very useful to think of being an influencer like being a small business. What’s the difference between posting content on Instagram and trying to find brands to collaborate with rather than being a print magazine publishing articles and searching for advertisers to take out big glossy ads in your magazine? As Jay-Z says, “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.”

We encourage you to write a headline for yourself. We think a great headline includes something specific about who you are, the subject you care about, and why you do the work. Some examples might be:

  • “A southern girl who loves to make recipes her busy audience can prep in less than 20 minutes”
  • “A personal trainer who loves to try new fitness products so she can recommend them to her clients”
  • “An ex-marine that uses the skills he learned to get to and showcase outdoor locations most casual travels can’t”

Don’t worry if it takes you a minute to write this down. This is important stuff. The reason this exercise is so valuable to work through is it will help you focus on what makes your content so unique (what’s special about you), refine the voice you take when presenting it to your audience, and ensuring you’re consistent in giving your audience the same thing they came to you for originally.